Inflatable Rentals

Transform your battlefield with our inflatable walls and obstacles, it'll definitely amp up the look and feel of your game! If you are planning laser tag games in an open field or a multi-purpose hall, your venue might not have enough obstacles for players to hide and take cover. Hence, we recommend renting a couple of inflatables as add-ons to our #superawesomepartybox. Our inflatables are soft individual objects that's easy to set up and ideal for creating a maze.

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How to set up the inflatables

Whether its a wall or a shaped obstacle, all our inflatables are made of  tough grade PVC, are portable and water-resistant. This means you can pump them up, shift them around to whatever configuration you might like and not worry about them getting wet under the rain. It's super easy to set up using an electrical blow pump that does the job in a couple of minutes. Just a reminder not to over inflate especially if you're using them under the hot sun because the air inside expands under heat.