DIY Laser Tag Party Box is perfect for birthday parties of all ages, 5 years and up!

If you're looking for a fun activity to occupy a bunch of kids for a couple of hours, this is it! We'll deliver all the equipment right to your doorstep, hassle free! No more headaches over getting the kids ready and out of the house to a laser tag arena, trampoline park or water slide park. No more last minute rush before your parties. No traffic to deal with, no carparks to fight over. DIY Laser Tag Party Box let's you organize your own party with your own rules, at your own pace, in your own backyard, condo premises or even in a nearby public park.

Our laser tag equipment is safe for kids.

All guns use an infrared system, harmless, just like the TV remotes found in your homes. We also use integrated sensors on our systems which means you can play laser tag both indoors and outdoors - that's just perfect for Singapore's weather. You don't have to worry about batteries running low, because our equipment will come to you fully charged and our batteries are guaranteed to last for a very long time.

DIY Laser Tag Party Box is not only super fun but is also easy on the pockets!

Unlike conventional laser tag arenas that charge by the hour, DIY Laser Tag Party Box charges a fixed box rental price. That means you can play as many games as you like, for as long as you want! Isn't that just awesome? It's massive fun for all ages 5+ and up, kids can have the first go, adults the next round and even have a kids vs adults showdown!

Whats more, if you always wanted to play laser tag games after hours but can't find a venue that opens through the night? Now you have the chance with DIY Laser Tag Party Box! The box is 'yours' for the period you rent, plus our equipment works great in the dark - so bring on the night missions and sleepover parties! Birthday parties will never be the same again!

Book a box for your kid's/own birthday party today!

Our #superawesomepartybox is a 6-pack party box that comes with the following:
6 Guns
6 Harnesses
1 Key
1 Respawn Box
2 Coloured Flags
1 Game banner
1 Packing List
1 Instruction Manual

*We also have add-on options for: extra guns, inflatablesgame boxes and party favors.