Laser Tag for SAF Groups

Looking for a good cohesion activity with your army mates? DIY Laser Tag Party Box is just what you need! Rent a box to run your own trainings or engage in battle missions with our laser tag guns. Not only will it be loads of fun but also encourages good team bonding. You can set your own rules, play at your own pace and even create specific game missions to achieve training goals and objectives.

Hassle-free setup, great for big groups!

DIY Laser Tag Party Box is perfect for large group get-together sessions. Instead of having the hassle of booking out a Laser Tag arena and dealing with limited spaces, book a #superawesomepartybox and we'll bring the games right to you.

DIY Laser Tag Party Box is economical!

Everyone loves a good deal and we love giving good deals! Booking a #superawesomepartybox means you'll get to keep the box with you for as long as you rent, you can play as many games as you like, for however long you wish. Talk about maximizing usage and getting a good bang for your buck - this is it! Don't forget, our laser tag equipment works superb at night - so bring on the exciting night missions!

Book a box today!

We promise that your team will have so much fun that they'll be talking about it for months!