Laser Tag for Youth Groups

Engaging youths in today's context can be quite a challenge with their short attention spans and their addiction to mobile digital devices. DIY Laser Tag Party Box is a great opportunity for youths to get away from screen life and get out into real life to interact face to face with friends. Whether it's your church group, volunteer group, CCA group or just a bunch of good friends looking to have a good fun time, laser tag is a great game for all ages and fitness levels!

DIY Laser Tag Party Box is easy to organize and set up

We know how difficult it is to organize events and get everyone to turn up on time at the right venue. With DIY Laser Tag Party Box, you don't have to worry about that! All you need to do is - get online, book a #superawesomepartybox of your choice and put in the address of your game venue. We'll settle all the logistics and the box will appear right on the doorstep of your venue of choice on the day you have requested. Easypeasy right?

Setting up a battlefield at your preferred venue could never be easier! Whether its a indoor building or an outdoor space, our laser tag equipment works perfectly. We'd recommend choosing a space with some obstacles for cover (ie: trees, bushes, walls, pillars, furniture etc). If you'd like to transform an empty space into a battlefield, we've got soft inflatables and obstacles for rental to spruce up the look and feel of your venue! Don't miss out!

Wallet-friendly laser tag fun!

DIY Laser Tag Party Box has a fixed box rental price that is easy on the pockets for youths, unlike conventional laser tag arenas that charge by the hour resulting in exorbitant prices. Who likes to put a time limit on fun due to budget constraints right? Booking a #superawesomepartybox from us means the box is 'yours' for the period of your rental.  You can play as many games as you like, for as long as you want! Isn't that just awesome?

Whats more, if you always wanted to play laser tag games after hours but can't find a venue that opens through the night? Now you have the chance with DIY Laser Tag Party Box! Our equipment works great in the dark - so bring on the night missions!

Book a box today!