Frequently Asked Questions


What is Laser Tag?
Laser Tag is basically an interactive game of 'tag'. Players have infrared sensitive sensors mounted on the front and back of their bodies and use guns that emit infrared beams to shoot at their opponents. This results in 'tagging' or being 'tagged'.
With DIY Laser Tag Party Box, we bring the gaming right to you! No more hassle of travelling down to arenas - you can play Laser Tag right in your backyard, condo facility or school, anywhere that's convenient for you! There are endless possibilities of games and missions with Laser Tag. Check them out here!

Where can you play Laser Tag?
Laser Tag can be played both indoors and outdoors which means you can play it in your own backyard, condo facility, club house, multi-purpose hall, open field, public parks and more! As long as you have a big enough space to run about with enough obstacles to hide behind, your venue would be a great battlefield. We rent inflatable obstacles as add-ons too, check them out here!

Can I play in a public park?
Laser Tag can be played at most public parks, but might be restricted to certain areas within the park. Please let us know which public park you are interested in having your games at and we can advice you accordingly. If you'd like a private party, the best place would be in your own compounds.

Can you play Laser Tag in the rain?
Yes, you can play Laser Tag in light drizzle conditions as our guns and equipment are weather-proof, however they are not waterproof, so please do not submerge them in water. We recommend keeping the guns and equipment turned off, and placed out of the rain if they are not being used.

Can you play Laser Tag in the dark?
Of course! Our Laser Tag equipment works perfectly well in the dark, so bring on the night missions and sleepover parties!

Is Laser Tag suitable for kids?
Yes, here at DIY Laser Tag Party Box we have small and light weight guns that cater specially for young kids aged 5+. Check out our range of guns here!

Is Laser Tag safe?
Yes. Laser Tag is totally safe as all our equipment uses an infrared system, just like the TV remote controller in your homes. There are no harmful lasers and you'll feel no pain.

Are staff included with the box rentals?
Unfortunately, staff are not included with our box rentals. However, if you wish to have staff run your parties or events, do drop us an enquiry and we can make it happen!

After hours help?
DIY Laser Tag Party Box wants to make sure that you'll have an awesome party, so if there's anything you need help with just give us a call or drop us an email. Our office hours are from Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm. If you need help outside of our office hours, you can contact our after hours line at 8590 1427


How long before my event do I need to make a booking?
All our bookings are based on 1st-come-1st-serve basis. Do try to book as early as possible but if this is a last minute decision, do give us a call at (65) 6779 1031 instead of an email.

How long is the rental for?
Rental is for a day, effectively 24 hours. We will be dropping off and collecting the box twice a day in the morning and late afternoon. So let us know which period works best for you!

Can I rent for a longer period of time?
Yes you can. Do let us know your duration of rental if not we will presume all rentals to be 24hrs only.

Can I book more than one box?
Yes you can book more than one box. If you need a couple more extras, we do have loose guns and harness for rental as well. However, we recommend that you book them in boxes cause it's cheaper and easier to manage.

What is the cancellation policy?
Bookings are 1st-come-1st-serve and a deposit is required for each booking. Full payment is to be made prior to delivery. However, once the deposit is made, any cancellation will have your deposit forfeited.

Are there discounts for large bookings?
Let us know the size of your order and we can explore that option.

When do I need to pay?
Upon confirmation, you will need to produce a deposit to book your box for the day. Full payment is to be collected before the delivery or collection of the boxes. There will be security deposit guarantee which will be collected before the release of the boxes and fully refunded if all equipment proves to be working fine when it's returned back to us.


How do the guns work?
The guns have 3 sensors in total, 2 of which will be mounted on the harness worn on the players and 1 on the gun's barrel itself. Our equipment works using an infrared system just like your home's TV remote controllers. It emits an infrared signal to other player's equipment. Our equipment also provides live sound feedback to let you know when you have tagged someone or when you have been tagged by someone.

How long do batteries last?
Our batteries are powerful and can last up to 16 hours of game time. 

What happens if I damage/lose the equipment?
Our Laser Tag equipment is tough and lasting. However, if you damage or lose something, you are liable for the charges as stated in our terms and conditions. You can find the replacement costs here

Do the guns emit lasers?
No. Our guns are totally safe and do not emit lasers. All our Laser Tag equipment works on an infrared system, just like how your TV remote controllers work at home.

How do I know when I've been tagged?
All our guns are equipped with a live feedback system. When you have been tagged, your gun will produce an 'arghhh' sound effect.

How do I know if I've tagged someone?
When you have tagged your opponent, your gun will say 'deactivated', to let you know that a successful tag has been made.

How heavy are the guns?
Our guns vary in weight. The lightest guns are our Pistols, made from polycarbonate, they weigh 600g. These are great for younger kids aged 5+. Our Cobras weigh 2kg and are great for kids aged 7+. Spitfires and Scorpions are made from metal and weight slightly heavier at 2.4kg, these are recommended for kids aged 10+.

How do I inflate the inflatables?
Our inflatable rentals come with an electric air pump blower. This gets the job done in a couple of minutes.


Can I self-collect and return the boxes?
Yes you can. We are located in Tradehub 21. Do indicate if you would like to do so and the estimated arrival time. We also offer some discounts if you would like to do self-collection and return.

Can I fit the boxes in my car?
Yes. DIY Laser Tag Party Box is designed to fit into the trunk of any cars.

Do prices include delivery?
Yes all prices includes delivery. However if you would like to self collect and return, we do offer some discounts for your effort. 🙂

When can I expect the delivery/collection?
We drop off and collect twice a day. Mainly in the morning and late afternoon. Let us know which time slot works for you. Do bear in mind that rental is only for a day. So if the boxes are dropped off this morning, it should be collected the next morning, else additional charges will apply.

Do I have to be home for the delivery/collection?
We do not wish to have any equipment unaccounted for. So we urge that there will be someone in the given address to check through the inventory with the delivery or collection specialist.