I’ve pressed medic box many times but I can’t re-spawn !
Sometimes the infra-red does not detect sensors on the gun due to the strong sun light. You can do re-spawn manually by using the key to off & on the gun.

My gun does not working, I can’t shoot !
This is one of the most common thing that we hear from the players. Check your sensors and details on the screen, make sure that you are not dead. If you are dead, your gun will be disabled for shooting. You will need to re-spawn before you can continue back to the game.

Gaming gun will not hit another one ! (Flat Battery)

To check the current voltage turn the gaming gun on with the key to see to voltage displayed on the 3rd line. The gaming guns should work to down till around 5.5V. If the voltage is low, the LCD turns off. Turn off the guns when it is not being used to save battery.

Gaming gun will not hit another one ! (Don’t Know Why)

Scroll through your Battle Box and use the target reset function to shoot all gaming guns and then re-try, this will correct any software settings that may cause the gaming gun not to take hits. The first thing to check is to make sure both the shooting gun and the target gun are on the same “Battle". Gaming guns on a different battles cannot be hit or hit another gaming gun in a different battle. If all of the above fails to fix the problem, drop us a call.

The LCD is blank yet the gaming gun appears to be working
This nearly always means the battery is running flat. LCD will be the first thing to stop functioning when the battery is low.

My gaming gun re-boots sometimes during play time
This means there is some fault with the power supply, the gaming gun main board is not getting continuous power.