Information for Parents/Organizers

Here at DIY Laser Tag Party Box, we want to make your all your parties and events hassle-free! Which means, you can kick back and relax or join in the games without having to worry about anything. We've got a list of 'How To's' just to help you out!

Choosing your teams

Our #superawesomepartybox is a 6-pack party box, which means at anyone time they'll be 6 players in total. Dividing into two teams, you'll get 3 on the red team and 3 on the blue team. Drawing lots is a good idea to ensure fairness and no one will feel left out for being picked last.

Setting up your own battlefield

It's all up to you to decide how fancy a battlefield you'd like to have. You could use natural obstacles like trees and bushes that are already around or, bring in your old furniture, a couple of cardboard boxes, anything that allows players to hide behind. We've got camo nets, inflatable obstacles and walls for rental too! These work great to really get your party up to the military theme. Use your creativity and transform your party or event into something unique and one of a kind! It'll not only be great for the players but also turn up cool in photos!

Getting Started with Guns

Wearing Harnesses

Configuring Your Battle Box

Packing Up

Ensure that all the guns and gameboxes are turned off using the key provided.

More useful information