Information for players

Whether you're a first time laser tag player or a seasoned one, here's a brief guide on how the game works.

How the guns work

Gun Screen

To switch the gaming gun on, slot the key in and turn the key 1⁄4 clockwise. Refer to picture 1

Once the gaming gun is on, you will see the initial screen. Refer to picture 2

Pull trigger to commence the countdown. Refer to picture 3

After a few seconds your gaming gun is ready to go. Take the key out to play.

Shooting and Getting Shot

  • When you are shooting, aim for the 3 sensors (front, back, and on the gun)
  • If you manage to shoot someone, the gun will say CASUALTY.
  • If you manage to kill someone, the gun will say KILL CONFIRMED.
  • If you hit someone who's already 'dead', the gun will say DEAD ALREADY.
  • If you get shot, sensors will blink.
  • If your gun is not working and the sensors are permanently lit, it means you are 'dead'.
  • When you have finished playing, turn the gun off using the key (turn 1⁄4 anti-clockwise)

Gun Screen Details