Laser Tag Game Missions

To get started, here's a variety of games that can be played. It's yours to pick and have fun with!

Sudden Death match

The objective of this game is to kill as many opponents as possible, each team will be given 8 lives with unlimited re-spawn. The team with lesser number of re-spawn will win the game.

Hidden VIP

Each team will select 1 member to be the VIP. The objective is to kill the enemy team’s VIP while at the same time, protecting your own VIP. VIP will be given 20 healths points WITHOUT re-spawn. If the VIP is dead, the game ends. VIP should not be known by other team.

Capture the Flag

Players will need to run to opponent’s base to grab the flag and run back. You will need 2 flags at your base to score points. If you are dead while holding the flag, you SHOULD drop the flag straight away and you can’t pass around the flag to other players. It will be time based. Teams with more points will win the game.

Hunter & Sniper

Team will be divided into 2, hunter team and sniper team. The objective for the hunter is to eliminate the sniper within the time frame. Let say that there is 6 people playing, 2 can be the sniper and the other 4 be the hunters. Hunters will be given lesser health with re-spawn and sniper will be given more health with NO re-spawn.

Team Elimination

Each player will be given 20 health points (You can play around with the numbers). There will be no re-spawns given. The objective of this game is to eliminate the opponents team. Last man standing will win the game.