Laser Tag for Kids!

Laser Tag is a great activity for kids to run around, get in some good exercise and basically expand their energy - while learning important values like teamwork, strategizing and more!
It's definitely a good alternative to sitting infront of the computer screen and gaming all day. Laser Tag is real-life gaming if you think about it. With a whole variety of fun and challenging missions to play, kids won't ever get bored!

Whether it's a birthday party, family get-together or holiday activity, DIY Laser Tag Party Box promises lots of great fun for kids! It's safe and real easy to set up and organize! What's more, we deliver the fun right to your doorstep, (in a box), no less.

DIY Laser Tag Party Box caters specially for kids aged 5+ and up

Those little hands get special light-weight guns - small but powerful! We want kids to have a good time and not lug guns that are too heavy and bulky for their small frames.

Check out our range of guns!

Laser Tag gun - pistol          Laser Tag Gun - Cobra
The Pistol is great for kids aged 5+                              The Cobra is great for kids aged 7+

Laser Tag Gun - Spitfire          Laser Tag Gun - Scorpion
The Spitfire is great for kids aged 10+                       The Scorpion is great for kids aged 10+

We have 2 type of

For the little ones aged 5+, we recommend taking Pistol Boxes.
For the bigger ones aged 10+, we recommend taking Medley Boxes.

What's inside the #superawesomepartybox

Our #superawesomepartybox is a 6-pack party box that comes with the following:
6 Guns
6 Harnesses
1 Key
1 Respawn Box
2 Coloured Flags
1 Game banner
1 Packing List
1 Instruction Manual

*We also have add-on options for: extra guns, inflatablesgame boxes and party favors.