What's in our #superawesomepartybox

6 Guns
Choose either our Pistol Box (Pistols only) or Medley Box (Mix of Scorpions, Spitfires & Cobras)

6 Harnesses
Each player will wear a harness which enables a set of sensors to be mounted on.

1 Key
This very important key brings the guns to live! It is used to power up and shut down the guns.

1 Respawn Box
This game box helps to reactivate the players once they are 'dead'.

2 Coloured Flags
Each box will have two coloured flags, one red and one blue. These are used for 'Capture the Flag' missions.

1 Game banner
Especially useful if you're holding a party in a public space, this banner serves to inform others that a Laser Tag game is in progress!

1 Packing List
A comprehensive packing list that states all the items in the box for you to check against when first receiving the box and while you are packing up after you're done playing!

1 Instruction Manual
A little booklet that gives you all the information you need to know about our guns and game play! More information can be found on our website.